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Need a good referral for a Botox injection for my elevens

I need a referral for a Botox injection for the area between my eyebrows.

Doctor Answers

Botox for "11 Lines" in Williamsville, NY

You can get your "11 lines" treated with Botox at Advanced Aesthetic Medical Spa in Williamsville, NY. You can call 716-633-8888 to schedule your appointment.
Dr Hratch Karamanoukian
I specialize in the treatment of venous disease and hyperhidrosis. I also perform nonsurgical cosmetic procedures.

Botox for elevens in Los Angeles

Botox is ideal for the two narrow vertical wrinkles that are formed between the eyebrows. A small amount of Botox, coupled with a micro-dose of filler, can improve the lines and reduce the signs of aging. 

Dr. Karamanoukian
Los Angeles
Dr Raffy Leon Karamanoukian
As a distinguished plastic surgeon in Santa Monica, Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian is a surgeon who can offer patients positive change and improved image through his caring, detailed approach to cosmetic


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